October 18, 2012

What are People Using Computer and the Internet for?

Quick, what’s the first thing you do in the morning? For many people it’s pouring that first cup of coffee, for others, and this number is growing, they turn on the computer and get on the internet. The internet has become such a staple of our everyday lives it’s a real pain when it goes down or doesn’t work even for a couple of hours. Businesses have also depended on services like Metrofax Internet Faxing for easier communication.

So what are people using their computers and internet for?

1.    Paying their bills – When is the last time anyone bought a stamp? With the availability to pay bills with online transactions it might be years before you actually need to set foot in the post office. As internet security gets better and older people become comfortable with the technology, more and more people will use the internet to pay bills.
2.    Let’s make some money – Ever hear of Search Engine Optimization? There are many free-lance writers out there that are writing things about various products and items that people see on their computers while visiting the internet. Take a peek at some of the blogging information and see if you don’t recognize a non-expert telling you something you already knew.
3.    Marketing and Social Networking – Okay so Facebook has taken the world by storm as millions of people not get onto Facebook every day. Many businesses looking for cheaper ways to market their products have turned to the internet and other social networking venues to tell people what’s going on with their product.
4.    Education – There used to be a time where going to a 4-year college was an honor and a privilege. If you didn’t have a four-year degree you were thought of as less than someone who did. There are hundreds of online colleges now offering students a variety of ways to gain experience without ever leaving their home.

Top 4 Affordable Smartphones on the Market

Smartphones are some of the best inventions ever. With a smartphone, you can talk, text and cruise the Net from just about anywhere. These are the top 4 smartphones that won’t make you take out a second mortgage to afford them.

Motorolla Droid Bionic

This is one powerful phone, and it’d make a great prepaid cell phone. With this much battery power, the huge screen and its dual core 1ghz processors, the Bionic could give Lee Majors a run for his money.

Apple iPhone 4

Apple’s latest entry runs well on its battery, carrying you through the day while feeling great in your hands. Everybody knows that your comfort level while using your phone says a lot about your tendency to get involved. Your desire to find a great price on a phone also says a lot about how good the deal is that you’ll end up finding.

HTC Thunderbolt

Do you need speed but still want to be able to afford it? If that’s the case, the Thunderbolt is your baby. They’re just making it to the secondary market as people who always need something new sell them for next week’s plaything. This means a great deal is also a great find.

Google Nexus S

Google’s device is still very solid despite being an entire year old — which is the cell phone equivalent of a 20-year-old car. Regardless, its expandability makes it an extremely solid device, and its operating system more than makes up for being just middling at raw speed.

Top 3 User Friendly Gadgets

Amazon Kindle 2

Image by peteg via Flickr

There are a lot of gadgets that can greatly enhance your productivity, entertainment, and just about everything in between. With the explosion of tablets, smartphones, and other types of gadgets, it might be the right time to investigate some possibilities. You could do much worse than to consider the following three gadgets, which are extremely popular and useful.

  1. iPad – The iPad, and for that matter, many tablets on the market today, offer an impressive array of functions. At under 10 inches (diagonally), you can perform just about anything that you can on your laptop. For entertainment in HD to finding something quickly via Canada 411, the iPad could be the solution for you.
  2. Roku – Available in three models under $100, getting rid of the cable bill is done quite well with this great device. With Netflix, Amazon, Hulu Plus, and many other channels, you can stream HD and enjoy a wide range of programming. It doesn’t stop there – enjoy checking weather, listening to Pandora, and supplementing (or of course, replacing) your current TV provider with this inexpensive gadget.
  3. Amazon Kindle – The Amazon Kindle is the most prominent e-book reader on the market. If you are an avid reader, you can hold many books, store bookmarks and notes, and enjoy great prices from Amazon. Libraries are already starting to latch on to the natural integration with readers such as this.

These products are pretty easy to use and quite effective at what they do. You might want to take a look at these options if you’re in the market for a nice gadget.

Surviving Internet Connection Problems

Cable Modem 

Image via Wikipedia

An internet connection that goes bad is a really frustrating event, especially if your lively hood depends on it. Fortunately, most internet connection problems are caused by really simple things – making them equally as simple to fix. Here are a few tips that may help you next time your Internet is giving you grief.

  1. Check all cables and cords. This is one of the most common reasons that people have difficulty with their internet connection, and by far the easiest to fix. Make sure that all the cords are hooked up to the right spot, and check to see if any cables are loose or unplugged.
  2. Turn off your modem and restart your computer. Try unplugging your modem and turning off your computer before you call your current internet service provider in a panic. Sometimes, this is all it takes to fix a connection that is failing. At the very least, it will be the first thing that the service tech will ask you to do anyways!
  3. Look into a new internet service provider. If the cables and the modem are not the root of the issue, you may want to look into switching providers. Morphyone.org is a great place to start looking for up to date reviews on the latest technology trends, and will give you a good foundation for finding a service provider that will fit your needs.

The most important thing to remember when you are having problems with your internet connection is to stay calm – you will only needlessly stress yourself out and make the situation worse by immediately going into panic-mode.




Troubleshooting Common Sound Problems

It’s happened to pretty much everyone. It seems like someone always running into issues with their sound functioning. If things were as simple as playing movies in your direct tv, then running into PC sound problems would not be such a big deal. There are a number of things you can check to help you get your sound back working again. One of the first is to simply make sure your speakers are turned on, that is if they use power. You should also make sure the speaker volume is up, but not too loud so that if you get it working it blasts in your ear. If you speakers aren’t coming on make sure the power supply is plugged in.

Next you need to check the physical connection to your PC. Make sure the speakers are plugged properly into the personal computers input. Typically, this is 3.5mm green jack, although optical or coax inputs are more commonly being used to connect computers to speakers. Whatever your computer uses make sure that both ends are plugged in properly. In addition ensure that if your speakers have the ability to become unplugged from a subwoofer, ensure they have not come loose. If you have a keyboard with sound controls make sure you do not have the computer muted.

Finally you need to check your computers settings. In Windows you can double click the sounds icon bringing up the controls for the sound settings. Make sure the volume slider is up at least half way, there may be more than one depending on your version of Windows. In Windows 7 the volume sliders are application specific, meaning that each application that uses sound will have its only volume slider. Also ensure that the application you are watching video or listening to has its volume up at least some of the way.

Signs Your Computer has a Virus

Computer users always act surprised when they find a computer virus or malicious software on their computer. Computer viruses rarely come out of the blue and usually there are signs and symptoms that there is a computer virus present on the computer.


If you know the signs and symptoms of a computer virus you can work to remove it before it causes permanent damage. Here’s a look at the common symptoms of a computer virus.


Changed Desktops 

Malware logo Crystal 128. 

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If your computer desktop changes without you having made the changes it is a sure sign there is virus on your computer. Changes to desktops can range from new programs being added, deleted programs or even having icons moved around.


Computer Speed


Computer viruses often effect the speed of your computer. If you notice it is taking unusually long to upload documents, turn the computer on or off, or do normal computer functions it could be a sign there is a computer virus.


System Errors or Blue Screen


Computer viruses can cause an extreme amount of system errors to occur. If you notice you have a lot of system errors happening when you are using your computer or you experience the blue screen of doom these might be caused by a virus on your computer.


By knowing and educating yourself on the signs and symptoms of a computer virus you can avoid the shock and surprise that comes with finding a computer virus on your computer. Conducting regular virus scans can also reduce your surprise and shock from receiving a computer virus because it is caught early.

4 Most Popular Tablets

iPad con dock y teclado inalámbrico

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The BlackBerry PlayBook is the newest tablet PC to be introduced. It has a 7″ screen, weighs 0.9 pounds, and is literally smaller in width than a sheet of paper (only 7.6″). Add to that a 1GHz dual-core processor, three GB sizes to choose from (8, 16, 32), and the fact that it works with your smartphone, and you have a good choice for a tablet PC right there.

Ultimately, the Blackberry Playbook Price varies from $500 to $750. This makes it one of the best on the market for what you’re paying for.

Next is the Apple iPad Tablet PC. You have the iPad, the iPad 2, and the iPad 3G. The iPad 3G is the latest model. It offers more features and apps than previous versions.

The Samsung Tablet PC is #3, with three models to choose from. They are the Q1, the Q1 Ultra, and the Galaxy Tab. The Galaxy Tab is the latest model, weighing in at .84 pounds. This makes it the lightest of the four tablet PCs.

The HP Slate is #4. It weighs the same as the iPad (1.5 pounds) but offers several unique features of its own. These include an 8.9″ touchscreen, a digital pen, and several different software programs that come already installed.

All tablet PCs can have a problem with dead pixels. Dead pixels cause either blank spots or white or black dots in the screen. Depending on where the dead pixel is located, it can obscure text. Also, often times they are susceptible to viruses. However, Microsoft Security Essentials is a great anti-virus program that is efficient and doesn’t bog down your PC.

Keeping Yourself Secure On the Internet

Keeping Yourself Secure On the Internet

It’s important to keep a watchful eye out when browsing the internet. Pay attention to sites with popups and trying to sell you things. Visit reputable places and only use your credit card with them. Always remember if a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Of course these are a few common knowledge steps everyone should know, but there are things you can do to protect your computer and your network at home. You can do this affordably without having to spend a lot of money.

Your computer most likely has a built in firewall, if you are on a Mac or PC. But just that is not enough you need to make sure that you keep it updated with all the fixes and system updates that are currently available. In addition using a secure browser such as Firefox, Internet Explorer 8, or Google Chrome can help you stay secure. Add-ons for these browsers can help block malicious websites from running noisy flash ads, or java exploits, or attempts to download malware.

You should also keep your network secure and you might ask yourself, how can I secure what is just some cables and a box plugged into my computer and internet modem? For starters if you have wireless, you can keep it locked down using a WPA key. This means your wireless will now require a password. Odds are good if you have WiFi you may have an external router. Having an external router, can help keep your ports closed and your computer from being directly exposed to the internet. Ensure that you change the password on your router as well, because it can help keep people out as well.

Resolving Keyboard and Mouse Issues

Resolving Keyboard and Mouse Issues

If you are on a desktop computer, not on a laptop, and you are having some problems with the keyboard and or the mouse, there are some things you can do to test and see where your problem is, or if you need to replace hardware. As your primary input devices keyboard and mice see a lot of use and abuse. It’s not uncommon to spill things on keyboards or for them to become clogged with hair and dirt. Today most mice are less susceptible to problems.

One question to ask is, do you have a wireless keyboard or mouse? If so you could have a couple issues. One might be to check the batteries in both the mouse and the keyboard. If they are low the device won’t function properly. Among other things you should check your receiver for your wireless input devices. Are they plugged in properly and is the receiver close enough to the keyboard and mouse? If not it can sometimes cause delays in typing or mouse movement.

Check and make sure that they are plugged in properly, if they are you may try unplugging them and plugging them back in. Also rebooting your computer could resolve the issue. One thing to consider is that they just might be worn out. If you have had them a while it might just be time for a replacement. If you are using a combo that came with your computer you might opt for something wireless or perhaps just more ergonomic for yourself. If none of these items work, you could possibly have serious issues with your hardware or your operating system, and at that stage it may be wise to consult some help.

Dell Streak 7 Review

The Dell Streak 7 is one of many new tablets that have recently been introduced. Featuring the Android operating system, the Streak blends smartphone and tablet functions. If you are looking for something versatile and mobile, the Dell Streak 7 could be right for your needs.

The Dell Streak 7 has a seven inch multi-touch screen for easy viewing and overall mobility. Not only does it include Android 2.2 for its operating system, but the Streak is one of the first tablets to support Adobe Flash. This is a feature rarely seen on an Internet tablet, which will enable you to view websites, emails, and your favorite e-books.

There are plenty of other cool features on the Dell Streak 7 as well. You will find 16 GB of storage on the device. Additionally, the Dell Streak 7 has a five mega-pixel camera which allows for video chat as well as normal video capabilities.

The versatility of the device, as well as its features, makes this a perfect choice for powerful features and mobility. Simply put, you receive the functions found on standard tablets, but with the portability of a smartphone. Casual and business users alike should find it very well.

Consider the Dell Streak 7 for your next computer-related purchase. It is an Internet tablet and smartphone which combines the advantages of each. Powered by the Android operating system and with new features to boot, the Streak deserves serious consideration. This device could certainly replace a couple of your current ones.