July 31, 2012

Top 4 Affordable Smartphones on the Market

Smartphones are some of the best inventions ever. With a smartphone, you can talk, text and cruise the Net from just about anywhere. These are the top 4 smartphones that won’t make you take out a second mortgage to afford them.

Motorolla Droid Bionic

This is one powerful phone, and it’d make a great prepaid cell phone. With this much battery power, the huge screen and its dual core 1ghz processors, the Bionic could give Lee Majors a run for his money.

Apple iPhone 4

Apple’s latest entry runs well on its battery, carrying you through the day while feeling great in your hands. Everybody knows that your comfort level while using your phone says a lot about your tendency to get involved. Your desire to find a great price on a phone also says a lot about how good the deal is that you’ll end up finding.

HTC Thunderbolt

Do you need speed but still want to be able to afford it? If that’s the case, the Thunderbolt is your baby. They’re just making it to the secondary market as people who always need something new sell them for next week’s plaything. This means a great deal is also a great find.

Google Nexus S

Google’s device is still very solid despite being an entire year old — which is the cell phone equivalent of a 20-year-old car. Regardless, its expandability makes it an extremely solid device, and its operating system more than makes up for being just middling at raw speed.

How to Detect and Remove Spyware from Your PC

How to Detect and Remove Spyware from Your PC

Spyware is computer software that infects your pc and typically displays pop ups, changes your homepage, inserts other ads and even could possibly be additionally malicious. To start off you have to ask yourself do you have spyware? Is your browser loading pages that you didn’t click on? Did is your PC acting funny? Does your browser have a new toolbar? These are just a few of the things you might notice if your personal computer is infected with spyware. Now you will need to work to remove it.

You can start by downloading a couple free removal tools. Hijack This will do a good job at detecting inconsistencies as well as Browser Helper Objects or BHOs. Spybot Search and Destroy and Lavasoft’s Ad Aware are two similar packages that will also help detect, protect and remove harmful or even just irritating spyware items from your personal computer. Microsoft also has a package that is a virus scanner and spyware removes called “Microsoft Security Essentials”. It works well with windows and updates regularly with Windows Update. All of these software packages are available for free and you shouldn’t use any site that asks you to pay to use them.

One options is to find all of these applications be searching for them, navigating to their respective web pages, finding the right download, then saving and downloading as well as installing. But there is a better option, all of these items can be found at a website called “ninite.com” where it allows you to build a single custom installer just by checking the software you want. You may find other items that could possibly be very helpful in the removal of spyware as well as new software that could possibly be beneficial to you. Once you have the spyware removed it’s a good idea to use a browser like Firefox or Google Chrome that can help protect you against additional attacks or issues down the road.

Why and How You Should Clean Out Your Computer

Why and How You Should Clean Out Your Computer

These days many people leave their personal computers on all the time, even when they are not actively using them or do not plan on using them for some time. Often the computer will go into suspend or standby mode, but it does not stop all the fans from spinning or the computer from processing information along the way. The fans inside the computer move air around to keep things cool. But one issue with moving around is that it tends to move dust around and hair inside the computer. This stuff can build up and form balls of dust inside the computer. The fine particles enter the fans assembly and grind away at the bearing and will cause them to wear and make noise over time.

There are steps you can take to help maintain your PC though. One is to clean the dust out of the inside. You can start by disconnecting all the cabling from the computer after shutting it off. Then bring your computer out in the open and remove the side of the case. This may require a screwdriver. Once the side is removed resist the urge to touch the parts inside with your hands. To clean the insides use a can of compressed air available from your local computer store. Another option might be to carefully use a vacuum inside the computer being cautious not to bang or bump the components inside.

Make sure that you spend time cleaning the fans out really well, getting all the dust and dirt trapped in the grills of the heat sinks. Additionally clean out the inside of the power supply the best you can. With the insides cleaned out well, you can replace the side panel. Next make sure the area where you keep the computer is cleaned out and then you can put the computer, re-hook up the cabled and turn your PC back on. You should repeat this task around two times per year depending on how dusty your home gets.

How to Increase the Startup Speed of Windows

The Windows Security Center in Windows XP Serv...

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How to Increase the Startup Speed of Windows

Sometimes the applications that you have and the processes that you run on your computer can slow down your operating system over a period of time. Luckily, there are a number of different ways that you can increase the speed of your Windows operating system. You can start by simply un-installing any programs you don’t have. There are a number of utilities that you can get in order to assist in removing all the files, including the ones that normal installers might leave behind. You may find these free on the internet as well as for sale. It can be wise to check user reviews to see if it does a good job.

Another thing you can do to help speed up your computer is to change the amount of icons that you keep sitting on your desktop and the type of wallpaper that you have. Very high resolution wall papers can increase the load time of your operating system. Reducing the quantity of icons will change what has to be read each time the desktop is loaded. This can have an impact on the starting time as well. Furthermore, most of the items are stored on the desktop typically aren’t backed up. So it’s a good idea to keep things organized not for loading times but for backups as well.

Finally a bit of a hidden secret that many people do not know about is that on any Windows operating system made since Windows XP, you can modify all the non windows programs and processes that start up when you start up your computer. Many things are loaded as to sometimes preload an application so that when you launch the application on your PC it decreases its startup time, but on items that you don’t use very often, it is often better to disable them. You can do this buy going to Start then Run and typing in MSCONFIG and pushing enter. The startup tab will show you everything you need to make changes.

Be Proactive by Using Registry Software

Computers take a lot of abuse from us. We overload them with files, photos, documents and uploads that we sometimes use, but sometimes we also forget that we have on it. When you use your computer on a daily basis, it’s going to encounter a lot of issues that any other computer that is infrequently used does not. This includes slow file loading, potential viruses that can harm it and other issues that could affect its productivity and overall performance. It’s important to perform frequent checks and scans to ensure that everything is in peak working order.

There are many tools and application software that you can place onto your computer which will allow it to scan the computer and identify any potentially harmful situations. This is necessary to remove any unwanted files that are no longer used or that may be taking up room on the system. The software acts like a troubleshooting and maintenance tool by being proactive in removing certain files or documents from your system. The tools can repair them or remove them quickly without allowing them to cause harm to your system. Applications like the PC Tools Registry Software will scan your computer, look for any potential issues, and if there are any present, eliminate them on the spot. You can set your system to run this application automatically, at designated times or you may choose to run it when you see the need.

You can also eliminate any registry problems that may occur at a later time. Your computer needs a maintenance system in place in order to provide optimal performance. Having the right tool in place will do that for your system, and if your system is problem-free, you will be able to boot it faster, start your day sooner and without frustration and have a productive day altogether.

Playing Online? Be Sure to Update Your Operating System

You can’t really get the full experience of playing games online if your operating system is an old one. It won’t be able to keep up with what you’re doing, and you’ll find that your computer stops and starts the games too much. You might not be able to react as fast with your online character, and you could find that you don’t do well in the game because of your computer’s slowness. Of course, there are other reasons that you’ll want to update your computer, especially if you use it for work or do a lot of things online with it. You should also update your operating system if you plan to wager or bet at the casinos online.

With an old operating system, you can’t keep up with game play, which could cost you money. To play at an online casino, you need an updated operating system. Then, you might be able to win some money. That’s good news to people who enjoy gambling but might not be able to go out to a casino very often. Depending on where you live, there may not be any casinos near you, but there are always casinos open online. Make sure your operating system is up to date, your computer is clean, and your memory card and processor are fast. Fix any problems before you start playing, so you can jump right in and sign up.

There are a lot of casinos that offer sign up bonuses, too, so you’ll want to take a look at what you’re being offered. Usually, extra money is what’s offered to you. If you sign up and put a certain amount in your account, the casino will put some in there, too. Sometimes they match your funds up to a specific dollar amount, and other times they just have a fixed dollar bonus. Either way, it’s more for you to spend playing some of your favorite games.

Email and the Internet

Email has come hand in hand with the use of the internet. Personal and work email have become a large part of our daily lives. The sheer amount of data that travels in and out of your email account daily can overwhelm you. There are several important parts to managing electronic communications. The first consideration is the protection of passwords for multiple accounts. Establish different passwords for each email account that you use. It is important that passwords used for banking accounts are also different. Internet security must be maintained for the privacy and protection of personal information.

Upkeep of email is the next step that will ensure good time management practices. In order to maintain efficient email management, the information sent to you each day should be addressed quickly. A scan of messages at regular intervals will allow proper processing based on priority. Low level priority messages can be read and deleted immediately which will keep your inbox clean. Established folders will allow you to store information that can be addressed at a later time. High priority emails should be actioned immediately. This will ensure that what needs to be taken care of is completed in a timely fashion.

Use of a smart phone will enable an individual to address personal emails during working hours and provide frequent updates regarding work emails during evening hours. Although the constant stream of email information may feel like an intrusion in the hours of your day, there is a time savings factor. The ability to weed out information that is not relevant can open up large windows of time that can be used for other projects. Take the important steps that will help to organize your daily life. Plan-full establishment of email folders and processes will provide additional time for more important things.

The iPad

Behold the iPad in All Its Glory.
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The Apple iPad was a sought after addition to the techno savvy persons inventory in 2010. It was also listed as one of the top fifty inventions in 2010 by Time Magazine. Along with the technologically knowledgeable users, it is also a popular option for general users. The iPad has the same operating system as the Apple iPhone and iTouch. Programs that come with the iPad include: mail, photos, maps, calender, notes, and the App Store. Another program, iBooks allow the user to enter the e-book arena with their iPad. Like it’s two cousins, the iPad can only run programs made available by the Apple store. This limits the user to one vendor for selecting what type of programs they can utilize with their new tablet PC.

The iPad is powered by a Lithium ion polymer battery and is rechargeable via a power adapter or when connected to a computer by a USB cable. Internal storage options are achieved by the use of a flash drive and there is no capability to expand storage space. The multi touch display is 9.7 inches diagonal that has an LED back-lit screen. The tablet is only five inches thick and weighs between 1.5 and 1.6 pounds, depending on the model.

There are several iPad accessories that can be purchased for use with the iPad. There are two types of docks that are designed to power the tablet. The iPad dock can recharge the iPad when it is plugged into an Apple computer by USB cable or when plugged in by a power adapter. There is also an iPad dock that includes a computer keyboard. A stand along keyboard is also available. The iPad carrying case doubles as a protective cover and a stand that props the tablet up when in use. An iPad camera connection kit allows the download of pictures to the iPad.

Free Ringtones and More: Cellular Customization

Mobile Phone showing multimedia options
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It is an age of communication — the world is defined to cellular words, sounds defying all distance; branding the miles easy and the continents all found. There are no limitations. There are no boundaries. There is instead only the press of a button and the beginnings of a conversation. Phones have marked the years all convenient.

But even convenience can seem irksome when forced to bland appearances and standard tunes. Cell phones — despite all of their many advantages — have often been lamented within the public. The necessity of calls isn’t reconciled with the need for creativity. The equipment is often a careful efficiency, lacking all design. This leaves users unimpressed, wondering how to make their most valued companion an extension of themselves.

It’s simpler than you think.

Phones can now be customized — made distinctive through quick choices and easy additions.

One: Free Ringtones. Sound is not meant to be controlled by manufacturers. It is instead to be chosen by the user. Ringtones can be redefined, selected to reflect tastes and moods. Each song can announce a specific caller, allowing for a more personalized experience.

Two: Wallpapers. The days of dull screens and empty corners are gone. Individuals can instead select the wanted backgrounds and photographs for their phones. These replace the wasted space and provide easy entertainment.

Three: Applications. None could confuse cell phones as mere methods of communication. They are instead the gateways to all information; and applications (more commonly called apps) therefore become essential. These endless softwares allow users to create an experience that is purely their own. Infuse a phone with new capabilities and amusements, gaining access to all virtual thrills.

No individuals are identical. No needs are the same. It is impossible therefore to demand that users maintain the factory standards of their phones. They must instead change the technology and make it a more personal ideal.

Three Tips for Saving Money on Your Next Computer

If you have been thinking about replacing your existing computer or just getting your first computer, you can expect to spend some money for a quality product. However, you don’t have to break your budget to get a great new computer. Here are three ways you can save money while still getting the computer that you want.

Install the software yourself. Many computers come with a lot of extras already installed on them. However, you may not even use half of the stuff that comes with your computer but you would be paying for it just because it comes already installed. To save money, by a computer with only the most basic programs and purchase the other programs that you know you are going to use. This could save you hundreds of dollars on your purchase.

Search online and in stores. It is easy to find great prices on computers but you have to do your research. One store or online website might offer the computer you want for one price while you might find it somewhere else cheaper. With all of the competition, you can certainly find bargains on your next computer if you are willing to do the research and homework to find them.

Consider a refurbished computer. Some people are able to upgrade their computer every time something new hits the market. When this happens, they donate their old computer to an organization that refurbishes them. A refurbished computer is nearly as good as a brand new one but they typically come with a much lower price. Many stores specialize in selling refurbished computers and they even offer a warranty in case something goes wrong. A refurbished computer is ideal if you do not intend on using your computer extensively or if you are using it for basic programs like word processing, checking your email and surfing the web.