December 25, 2011

Top 4 Affordable Smartphones on the Market

Smartphones are some of the best inventions ever. With a smartphone, you can talk, text and cruise the Net from just about anywhere. These are the top 4 smartphones that won’t make you take out a second mortgage to afford them.

Motorolla Droid Bionic

This is one powerful phone, and it’d make a great prepaid cell phone. With this much battery power, the huge screen and its dual core 1ghz processors, the Bionic could give Lee Majors a run for his money.

Apple iPhone 4

Apple’s latest entry runs well on its battery, carrying you through the day while feeling great in your hands. Everybody knows that your comfort level while using your phone says a lot about your tendency to get involved. Your desire to find a great price on a phone also says a lot about how good the deal is that you’ll end up finding.

HTC Thunderbolt

Do you need speed but still want to be able to afford it? If that’s the case, the Thunderbolt is your baby. They’re just making it to the secondary market as people who always need something new sell them for next week’s plaything. This means a great deal is also a great find.

Google Nexus S

Google’s device is still very solid despite being an entire year old — which is the cell phone equivalent of a 20-year-old car. Regardless, its expandability makes it an extremely solid device, and its operating system more than makes up for being just middling at raw speed.

Smart Phones

Just a short time ago phone use was limited by the cord attached to it. When cell phones were introduced they were a novelty. Usage of cell phones increased to the point that they were replacing the traditional landlines that were a standard artifact in each home. Those previous lines of communication have become the dinosaur of the new age. Phone books continue to get smaller as more and more people ditch the land line in favor of portable communication.

The evolution of land line phones to cell phones and text messaging has now been developed to include access to the functions of the internet. Desktop computers have been put aside in favor of the portable laptop and now those laptops are in danger with the introduction of the smart phone. A cell phone is no longer a means of one person talking to another while traveling from one point to the next. The smart phone has replaced every separate applicable communication tool that has come before it. This replacement has incorporated all of these tools into one small portable device. A smart phone has become a highly prized possession.

Owners of a Droid or I Phone can talk or text. Email is a button click away, keeping an on the go employee informed up to the minute. Commute time is made bearable by the background music, reading materials and web browsing available on the smart phone. The all important social networking capabilities are readily available at the touch of a button. This availability allows people to remain connected in the very busy world that we all live in.

Whichever reason justifies entry into the world of a smart phone market, know that you will not be disappointed. For a relatively reasonable cost you can enter a world were everything is available at your fingertips.


The iPhone is a smart phone developed by Apple. The functions of this device includes phone, texting, web browsing, and camera capabilities. Through the Apple App store, an iPhone user can obtain applications for games, navigation, and social networking. It is also possible to view movies and television shows that are downloaded to the phone. Lovers of music can have their library of songs available on the phone. There is a speaker that relays the music or the phone can be used with headsets. The 3.5 inch touch screen display is the main interface between the user and choice of applications.

An internal rechargeable battery powers the phone however, unlike most mobile phones the battery is not replaceable by the user. This can become an issue when battery problems occur. A battery can be replaced at no charge as long as the phone is under warranty. Failure outside of the warranty will require replacement at a fee to the user.

The iPhone is equipped with an internal camera and depending on the model purchased, it may also have video capabilities. Data is stored on an internal flash drive and does not support expanded storage. The phone is also equipped with a liquid contact indicator. This device indicates if the phone has experience water damage that has resulted in failure of the equipment.

Owners of an iPhone will have several accessory options that can be purchased for use with their smart phone. Cables and docking stations will provide power sources. Car adapter kits will allow the use of the equipment in a vehicle. Headsets can be as inexpensive as a small pair of ear buds and continue in price upward to the hundreds of dollars. Armbands are available for users who want to secure their iPhone while exercising and listening to music at the same time. Case options are numerous and include both practical and pretty options.

Making Use of Dropbox

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Image via CrunchBase

Dropbox is a super fantastic file hosting service that is much different from all other file hosting services available. Users that are trying to find a way to share files between different people or different computers can benefit from the ease of use that Dropbox provides. The benefits are numerous when it comes to using Dropbox, and Dropbox affords users with a safe space where they can store and access their files quickly, easily and effectively no matter where in the world they are.

On every personal computer where you intend to use your files you will install the Dropbox client. Dropbox will then sync with every single PC and make sure that all files in you Dropbox folder are exactly the same across all locations. The service is very fast and provides you with two gigabytes of space for free. Additionally you can gain more space by paying or by signing friends up. Both you and the person who signs up with your referral link will gain an extra 250 megabytes of space.

Dropbox is not only available for the PC. In addition to the personal computer client, there is also a client that is intended for use on Apple computers as well. There are also clients and Dropbox applications designed to suit people on smart phone operating systems, including an interface that is designed especially for the iPhone. In addition to having the local copy of your files on your computer, your files are also going to be hosted in your Dropbox account on the web. What this means is that you can access all of the files in your Dropbox account no matter where you are, and you can share them on the internet quickly and easily as well. If you are not already using Dropbox, now might be the time to check out the extensive features and usability that it offers.

Computer Hardware and Laptops

Archaic typewriters and desktop computers, USS...
Image by Joel Abroad via Flickr

There probably has not been as fitting a time for advances in computer hardware to have such maximum effect as it currently is having for several reasons. For one, many advances in hardware tend to make computers faster, lighter, more powerful and sooner or later, less expensive. This progress is also apparent in the laptop category.

In 2008 more laptops were sold than desktop computers. Not only were the improvements appealing to a wide variety of consumers, but the fact they were portable also had a significant appeal. A lot of updates can be found online, for instance, if you need specific driver updates you can google them and download directly. Not only was a powerful device needed for doing work, but for doing work wherever the work needed to be done was also key. Mobility became crucial.

In the state of a declining economy, many workers were laid off or may have had their hours cut. The concept of working freelance, at all times a practical method of work for many, was being embraced by workers previously employed on a full-time basis. Not being locked down at a single office all day, chained to a desktop, necessitated a different tool. Having a powerful notebook that would fulfill all their requirements, often for a variety of employers and demands, was definitely a much-needed solution to this situation.

Another advantage computer hardware brought along was the prevalence of smart phones. Not only did these new devices allow one to make calls wherever one was, but new and varied applications allowed one to use the device not only as a virtual rolodex and appointment book, but to surf the web for needed information.

While the best solution for all would be for the economy to swiftly ramp up and get the millions who have been pink-slipped back to productive employment.

However it may be said that there was a market who was in the right place at the right time, if unwillingly, that was ready for the new products the computer industry was ready to introduce.