December 25, 2011

Dell Streak 7 Review

The Dell Streak 7 is one of many new tablets that have recently been introduced. Featuring the Android operating system, the Streak blends smartphone and tablet functions. If you are looking for something versatile and mobile, the Dell Streak 7 could be right for your needs.

The Dell Streak 7 has a seven inch multi-touch screen for easy viewing and overall mobility. Not only does it include Android 2.2 for its operating system, but the Streak is one of the first tablets to support Adobe Flash. This is a feature rarely seen on an Internet tablet, which will enable you to view websites, emails, and your favorite e-books.

There are plenty of other cool features on the Dell Streak 7 as well. You will find 16 GB of storage on the device. Additionally, the Dell Streak 7 has a five mega-pixel camera which allows for video chat as well as normal video capabilities.

The versatility of the device, as well as its features, makes this a perfect choice for powerful features and mobility. Simply put, you receive the functions found on standard tablets, but with the portability of a smartphone. Casual and business users alike should find it very well.

Consider the Dell Streak 7 for your next computer-related purchase. It is an Internet tablet and smartphone which combines the advantages of each. Powered by the Android operating system and with new features to boot, the Streak deserves serious consideration. This device could certainly replace a couple of your current ones.