June 6, 2012

4 Most Popular Tablets

iPad con dock y teclado inalámbrico

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The BlackBerry PlayBook is the newest tablet PC to be introduced. It has a 7″ screen, weighs 0.9 pounds, and is literally smaller in width than a sheet of paper (only 7.6″). Add to that a 1GHz dual-core processor, three GB sizes to choose from (8, 16, 32), and the fact that it works with your smartphone, and you have a good choice for a tablet PC right there.

Ultimately, the Blackberry Playbook Price varies from $500 to $750. This makes it one of the best on the market for what you’re paying for.

Next is the Apple iPad Tablet PC. You have the iPad, the iPad 2, and the iPad 3G. The iPad 3G is the latest model. It offers more features and apps than previous versions.

The Samsung Tablet PC is #3, with three models to choose from. They are the Q1, the Q1 Ultra, and the Galaxy Tab. The Galaxy Tab is the latest model, weighing in at .84 pounds. This makes it the lightest of the four tablet PCs.

The HP Slate is #4. It weighs the same as the iPad (1.5 pounds) but offers several unique features of its own. These include an 8.9″ touchscreen, a digital pen, and several different software programs that come already installed.

All tablet PCs can have a problem with dead pixels. Dead pixels cause either blank spots or white or black dots in the screen. Depending on where the dead pixel is located, it can obscure text. Also, often times they are susceptible to viruses. However, Microsoft Security Essentials is a great anti-virus program that is efficient and doesn’t bog down your PC.

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