December 25, 2011

Keeping Yourself Secure On the Internet

Keeping Yourself Secure On the Internet

It’s important to keep a watchful eye out when browsing the internet. Pay attention to sites with popups and trying to sell you things. Visit reputable places and only use your credit card with them. Always remember if a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Of course these are a few common knowledge steps everyone should know, but there are things you can do to protect your computer and your network at home. You can do this affordably without having to spend a lot of money.

Your computer most likely has a built in firewall, if you are on a Mac or PC. But just that is not enough you need to make sure that you keep it updated with all the fixes and system updates that are currently available. In addition using a secure browser such as Firefox, Internet Explorer 8, or Google Chrome can help you stay secure. Add-ons for these browsers can help block malicious websites from running noisy flash ads, or java exploits, or attempts to download malware.

You should also keep your network secure and you might ask yourself, how can I secure what is just some cables and a box plugged into my computer and internet modem? For starters if you have wireless, you can keep it locked down using a WPA key. This means your wireless will now require a password. Odds are good if you have WiFi you may have an external router. Having an external router, can help keep your ports closed and your computer from being directly exposed to the internet. Ensure that you change the password on your router as well, because it can help keep people out as well.

The Flexibility of Using Laptops

Laptop Convenience

Life is full of unexpected surprises, and making things easier to manage is certainly something that everyone on occasion looks for to add into their lives. Anything that makes life a little easier and more flexible is certainly welcomed.
Mobile devices, cell phones, and laptop computers are convenience items. They make business deals go a little faster and help some business and personal systems go a little smoother.

Laptops come in various sizes, memory storage, and capabilities, so it’s best to choose what fits your lifestyle and business before deciding on a certain unit. While price is important, it shouldn’t be the main driving factor in your investment decision.

Accessing Various Sites

By using a laptop, you can access websites from anywhere with Internet access, such as an area that has Wi-Fi connectivity. Whether you want to access your own word processing files or download applications, the laptop can make the task easier and a lot less cumbersome. You can also download social media software, install it on your laptop, and immediately access your social networking sites.

Maximizing the Computer’s Use

By using a laptop computer for your business or personal use, you can greatly increase the number of tasks and activities that you can do with the system. Taking it with you to your child’s ball practice or using it while having lunch at your favorite restaurant are ways that you can get your work done and still meet other obligations and responsibilities.

Laptop computers evolve at an incredible rate, so what was inaccessible on a laptop at one given point may be accessible at a later date. Staying abreast on technological developments can help you to make the best business decision you can and help you to find the best bargain for your money, as well.

When you use a laptop, you’ll gain flexibility you didn’t know was waiting.

Smartphone Comparison Made Easy

Phone technology seems to have slipped into the realm of science fiction and become something impossible. Remember the days when you could call someone and not worry about showing off your pajamas?

If so, this article is for you. The new smartphones have become so advanced that a smartphone comparison requires something of a sense of humor and a lot of patience. For instance, do you want a phone that can download the latest, coolest drumbeats being developed by college kids in New York? Or do you want to watch the latest action-thriller that was released at 1:00 P.M. Pacific Standard Time in Hollywood?

These are the questions to consider when picking a smartphone. Other questions will involve download speed, screen size, screen resolution, and hard-drive space. For the most part, smartphones are multimedia oriented, involving Wi-fi, Bluetooth, GPS, display, cellular, camera with video, and hook-ups for video. If you have no need for any of these features, your comparison should be short and quick. It will boil down to the cost of the phone and the basic features that you already know you like.

However, if you have more specific needs, consider these questions. Does the phone have a clean, bright screen that you can see easily? Does it have a method for downloading with a portable device like a USB device? Does it have enough memory to hold the type of content you are interested in? Is the Wi-fi connection fast enough?

Consider a new smartphone as a variety of laptop, and know that you need to weigh all the same features as you would for a computer. The latest smartphones are that smart and require that much tech savvy.