July 31, 2012

How To Select A Graphics Accelerator

ATI Radeon video card
Image via Wikipedia

A graphics accelerator is a discreet graphics card that is used for the purpose of playing video games. Video games require that the computer have 3D acceleration capabilities in order for them to be played the right way. For OEM computers that come from Dell, Acer and other large-scale manufacturers, unless you have purchased a rig that is specifically intended for gaming, the computer is simply not going to have the graphics or gaming power that you need right out of the box. For this reason, you need to be prepared to purchase a graphics accelerator card to deliver this additional functionality.

What games do you intend to play? The types of games that you intend to play are going to have an impact on what type of graphics accelerator that you want to purchase.

What type of PC is it going into, and what type of expansion slots does the PC have? PCI Express, AGP or PCI are the options that are available to you for this effect.

How much room is inside the PC? The actual physical volume available for a graphics card is also going to affect what type of graphics accelerator card you are going to want to purchase for your computer.

What is the budget? Budget will play a truly vital role in what type of graphics accelerator you buy, because the prices on these cards can vary widely, largely due to the features and options that they come bundled with.

Will you need to upgrade your power supply? In order to accommodate the extra power requirements for the graphics accelerator card, you may need to upgrade your computer’s power supply. This is going to lead to additional costs if you have to go this route, so make sure that you figure it into your budget.