June 4, 2012

How to Increase the Startup Speed of Windows

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How to Increase the Startup Speed of Windows

Sometimes the applications that you have and the processes that you run on your computer can slow down your operating system over a period of time. Luckily, there are a number of different ways that you can increase the speed of your Windows operating system. You can start by simply un-installing any programs you don’t have. There are a number of utilities that you can get in order to assist in removing all the files, including the ones that normal installers might leave behind. You may find these free on the internet as well as for sale. It can be wise to check user reviews to see if it does a good job.

Another thing you can do to help speed up your computer is to change the amount of icons that you keep sitting on your desktop and the type of wallpaper that you have. Very high resolution wall papers can increase the load time of your operating system. Reducing the quantity of icons will change what has to be read each time the desktop is loaded. This can have an impact on the starting time as well. Furthermore, most of the items are stored on the desktop typically aren’t backed up. So it’s a good idea to keep things organized not for loading times but for backups as well.

Finally a bit of a hidden secret that many people do not know about is that on any Windows operating system made since Windows XP, you can modify all the non windows programs and processes that start up when you start up your computer. Many things are loaded as to sometimes preload an application so that when you launch the application on your PC it decreases its startup time, but on items that you don’t use very often, it is often better to disable them. You can do this buy going to Start then Run and typing in MSCONFIG and pushing enter. The startup tab will show you everything you need to make changes.

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