June 4, 2012

Free Ringtones and More: Cellular Customization

Mobile Phone showing multimedia options
Image by johnmuk via Flickr

It is an age of communication — the world is defined to cellular words, sounds defying all distance; branding the miles easy and the continents all found. There are no limitations. There are no boundaries. There is instead only the press of a button and the beginnings of a conversation. Phones have marked the years all convenient.

But even convenience can seem irksome when forced to bland appearances and standard tunes. Cell phones — despite all of their many advantages — have often been lamented within the public. The necessity of calls isn’t reconciled with the need for creativity. The equipment is often a careful efficiency, lacking all design. This leaves users unimpressed, wondering how to make their most valued companion an extension of themselves.

It’s simpler than you think.

Phones can now be customized — made distinctive through quick choices and easy additions.

One: Free Ringtones. Sound is not meant to be controlled by manufacturers. It is instead to be chosen by the user. Ringtones can be redefined, selected to reflect tastes and moods. Each song can announce a specific caller, allowing for a more personalized experience.

Two: Wallpapers. The days of dull screens and empty corners are gone. Individuals can instead select the wanted backgrounds and photographs for their phones. These replace the wasted space and provide easy entertainment.

Three: Applications. None could confuse cell phones as mere methods of communication. They are instead the gateways to all information; and applications (more commonly called apps) therefore become essential. These endless softwares allow users to create an experience that is purely their own. Infuse a phone with new capabilities and amusements, gaining access to all virtual thrills.

No individuals are identical. No needs are the same. It is impossible therefore to demand that users maintain the factory standards of their phones. They must instead change the technology and make it a more personal ideal.

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