June 4, 2012

Email and the Internet

Email has come hand in hand with the use of the internet. Personal and work email have become a large part of our daily lives. The sheer amount of data that travels in and out of your email account daily can overwhelm you. There are several important parts to managing electronic communications. The first consideration is the protection of passwords for multiple accounts. Establish different passwords for each email account that you use. It is important that passwords used for banking accounts are also different. Internet security must be maintained for the privacy and protection of personal information.

Upkeep of email is the next step that will ensure good time management practices. In order to maintain efficient email management, the information sent to you each day should be addressed quickly. A scan of messages at regular intervals will allow proper processing based on priority. Low level priority messages can be read and deleted immediately which will keep your inbox clean. Established folders will allow you to store information that can be addressed at a later time. High priority emails should be actioned immediately. This will ensure that what needs to be taken care of is completed in a timely fashion.

Use of a smart phone will enable an individual to address personal emails during working hours and provide frequent updates regarding work emails during evening hours. Although the constant stream of email information may feel like an intrusion in the hours of your day, there is a time savings factor. The ability to weed out information that is not relevant can open up large windows of time that can be used for other projects. Take the important steps that will help to organize your daily life. Plan-full establishment of email folders and processes will provide additional time for more important things.

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