June 6, 2012

Laptop Computer

A woman typing on a laptop
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The laptops started out as a portable computer that was mainly used by the military. Over time they were developed to be smaller and lighter which made them more desirable to a wider audience. With better quality machines available that have a cost range that is within reach of the general public, laptops have become a common selection for a personal computer. The components of a laptop is similar to a desktop computer. These include a keyboard, screen and speakers contained in a single unit. The laptops is powered by a lithium ion battery and can be recharged via a power adapter.

There are many advantages to using a laptop with the battery being one of them. A desktop computer can be impacted by power outages. As long as the laptop battery is charged it will be accessible for use. The fact that the laptop is small with all of the equipment contained in one unit makes it a good choice for individuals who have a small living space. There is also the benefit of reducing the amount of wires within your home. By carrying your laptop with you, there is immediate access any type of work that needs to be done on the computer. The laptop allows you to view your files and review email during down times like a commute to work.

Along with the advantages, there are also disadvantages to choosing a laptop. The portability of the equipment and it’s value makes it a target for theft. They are also prone to damage because of the portability. When a laptop is damaged it can be costly to repair and may require replacement. A desktop can be upgraded easily which is not the case for laptops. Upgrading a laptop can be limited. The disadvantage that may be a key determining factor of purchase of a laptop versus a desktop is price. Laptop computers remain more expensive that the desktop.

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