September 29, 2011

The Droid

Were you one of the lucky ones that opened a gift at Christmas to find a new Droid tucked inside the box? If you were then it must feel like the Christmas of childhood days. The Droid smart phone is the new toy for adults and they open up a world of possibilities. Your new toy allows you to communicate via phone and text. Even better it allows you to speak your text message into the phone as it is printed. No more fumbling with the tiny keys, you can now keep up and maybe exceed the lightening speed that your children send messages.

At the touch of a screen the Droid will allow you to access your friend’s Facebook status and view pictures. You can also take pictures at the instance a moment presents itself. And you can store those pictures to organize when time allows. Your email can be read and addressed as it arrives in your in-box which will eliminates the timely process of reviewing them in one setting. It has become a fast paced world making it important to keep up by saving every minute you can.

Your Droid will allow you to access the internet the moment that you want to research any particular subject or provide an instant connection to banking information. Never before has an individual been able to immediately reach out and obtain what they need. Work lunch breaks can be utilized for shopping, banking and catching up leaving evening hours for personal use.

When you begin to think that all of this is the best thing that has happened to you in a long time, it gets better. In addition to all of the standard tools associated with the Droid there is more. Numerous free applications are available for immediate download. So if you want to view the stars positions, get to downloading.

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