June 4, 2012

Four Ways to Make Your PC Faster

A slow computer can be very frustrating. You could be on a roll when working on your latest project but your computer could slow you down and minimize your productivity. Luckily, there are some things you can do to speed your computer up and make it more efficient. Use these strategies to minimize your frustrations and get your work done quickly and smoothly.

Run Only Necessary Applications
One reason your computer may be running slow is because you are running too many programs or applications. The higher your computer’s workload, the slower it is going to work. Check to see if you are running any programs in the background that could be reducing its efficiency. Only run the programs and applications that are necessary at any given time so you do not overwork your computer.

Remove Spyware and Viruses
Viruses, spyware and other malware can reduce your computer’s efficiency and ability to run smoothly. You may not even know that you have these dangerous things on your computer for awhile. Invest in a quality antivirus software program and anti-spyware program to get these problems off of your computer. A good program will even catch these problems before they get onto your computer so you can keep everything clean and running smoothly at all times.

Install More RAM
One of the most effective ways to make your computer faster is to install more random access memory, or RAM. The more RAM your computer has, the more temporary information it can store. The RAM affects your computer’s ability to run programs, play music and videos and respond to your mouse and keyboard commands. Maximize your computer’s RAM capabilities and see how much faster it runs almost instantaneously.

Keep It Cool
Keeping your computer or laptop cool will help it run faster and more efficiently. This means keeping the air vents unobstructed, keeping the clock rate to a minimum and running the fewest number of programs necessary at any given time. If necessary, use a small fan or laptop cooler to keep the air circulating so your computer will run faster.

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