June 4, 2012

Five Tips for Cleaning Your PC Keyboard

Your keyboard is one of the most important computer hardware components that you use. However, many people take their keyboard for granted. As a result, the keys begin to stick or they become loose over the years which can be very frustrating. But you can avoid that problem by using the following tips to clean your keyboard regularly.

1. If your keyboard is a standalone component, unplug it from the computer first. Then tip it upside down and shake it. This will get the loose particles and debris out.

2. Turn your keyboard back over to its original position and use compressed air to blow out any other particles that were left behind after shaking it. You may want to do this step outside in a well-ventilated area due to some of the chemicals in the can of compressed air. Spray in between the keys and then turn the keyboard upside down again and shake out any debris that the compressed air has knocked loose.

3. Clean each key surface by combining a diluted solution of water and dishwashing liquid. Use a mildly damp cloth and clean the various oils, dust and dirt from each key. If you do this regularly, you can simply use a cloth dampened with plain water. Dry each key with a dry cloth.

4. Vacuum the keyboard. You can either use a miniature vacuum or the dusting attachment on your normal vacuum to clean off any dirt or debris that has been left behind.

5. If some keys are sticking, you can gently pry off the problem keys with a small screwdriver and use your damp cloth or cotton swab to clean beneath the surface of the keyboard. Only the number and letter keys should be taken off, though. The space bar and larger keys are too difficult to replace so you may want to have a professional fix those if those keys are sticking. Also, be sure to make note of where the keys go before you pry them off so you can put them back into their original spot.

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