June 4, 2012

E Readers

The purchase of an E-Reader has become a popular one. This particular type of hardware has a large market and is changing the way books, magazines, and newspapers are published and distributed. The gift of an E-Reader during the holiday season is one that has experienced continued growth in recent years. These electronic devices are designed to hold many types of reading material at once. This material is available for download from computers or using wireless technology. There are many books that are available for free and through a library system. The portability of carrying around a whole library in a small device makes the choice of an E-Reader an attractive one.

The Amazon Kindle was released in 2007 at a cost of approximately $400.00 and sold out within six hours. This was a sign of things to come. The cost of books, magazines and news publications are significantly less than hard copy versions. As the Kindle has been developed with additional options the cost has been lowered.

A Sony E-Reader is the Sony companies approach to the E-Reader market. The technology is in alignment with the Kindle and the costs and capabilities are comparable. The Sony E-Reader has developed six different models and have three additional models that were announced in 2010.

The Nook was developed by Barnes and Noble to present their E-Reader option to the public. This electronic reader has similar capabilities as the Kindle and Sony versions and are sold at a comparable price. Barnes and Noble have faced mixed reviews of their Nook product but have also received awards for it.

There are several more options when considering the purchase of an E Reader. Deciding if you want to become the owner of an electronic reader is a simple one. The hard part is deciding on which option of the available products best suits your needs.

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