June 6, 2012

DriveMeCrazy Mobile App: An Internet invasion of the driving experience

Philip Inghebrecht introduced the new DriveMeCrazy Mobile App on Monday, December 20, 2010 at 6:00p.m. The purpose of the App is to allow poor driving habits to be reported as they take place on the road. According to Inghebrecht, drivers can speak the license plates offending vehicles into their iPhones and either report them to the department of motor vehicles or social networks. In addition to being able to share driving information with the DMV and  Facebook, drivers may also use the App as a dating venue by leaving audio messages for individuals that they find attractive; no more of the old hooking up at a bar scene.The new App ultimately brings the internet social networking scene to the driving experience by allowing the habits of good and bad drivers to be exposed on the world wide web.

Although Inghelbrecht and the makers of DriveMeCrazy appear to have the major complications associated with the App handled, the small issues are under construction. While he claims that “malicious users” will not have the ability to abuse the site, Inghelbrecht is does not specify the methods that are being used to discourage such users. The idea of an individual having the ability to ruin a person’s social influence and driving record without being held responsible is dangerous. Driving information given by amateurs can lead to negative points at the DMV office and higher insurance premiums; ultimately resulting in a decline in insurance purchases. With such drastic consequences presented, should the Internet be allowed to invade the driving experience?

While it has provided many shortcuts in life, the Internet should not be given lead-way into the “bad-driver reporting” sector of the driving experience. If a driver wishes to report poor driving habits, then he or she should take the necessary precautions already established to do so.

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