June 4, 2012

Computers and the Internet Changing the way we Follow Sports

Imagine the scenario of you being trapped in your cubicle on the first day of the NCAA men’s college basketball tournament. Your favorite team is playing and you’ve missed too many days at work in March to be able to stay home and watch the game.

Not able to see the game live? No problem if computers and internet exist in the office.

That NCAA game that you were hoping to see is readily available to be streamed onto your computer via the internet with little or no delay to your viewing pleasure. Even if the boss doesn’t want you watching the game on your computer, you can still follow the live blog as it happens or update the scores on a regular basis to get a pulse and a feel for the big game that you are missing.

Sports is big business these days and most Universities strive to keep their constituents and former students happy be broadcasting up-to-date information on the action as it happens. The internet has exploded with activity in recent years and one of the arenas that has grown with this explosion is the watching of sports on your computer.

Have to work during the Super Bowl? No problem as the game will be streamed live around the world. Didn’t get to see the bobsledding competition at the European championships? Chances are with a little effort you’re going to be able to find the game.

Most computers these days can handle the live streaming aspect of games. It wasn’t that long ago that sports broadcasts were jerky and unwatchable but improvements in computer technology have definitely more than upgraded the product to watchable.

If you’re missing the big game it’s ok. With millions of channels out there, some type of sports broadcast will always be streaming

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