June 6, 2012

Computer Hardware Going Green

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Many companies and businesses today, both large and small, are looking closely at the green movement and seeing how their practices can adapt. It has long been recognized that ways of conducting business have a significant impact on our environment. Getting a firm’s computer hardware in line with this idea is definitely an idea whose time has come.

There are many businesses, and households as well, that have older model cathode ray tube monitors sitting in a corner collecting dust. Along with an older computer, or two, it marks an earlier time of blazing hardware technology. Even if that time was possibly less than two years ago. While many may believe a recycling process that strips the old model down to its essential and expensive core metals is a viable alternative for these models, there is a greener way. Donating the old models to a company that swaps out non-working parts for working parts in other compatible models eventually creates a working computer that may be sold quite inexpensively or given to a charity in need of entering the computer age.

Reusing the hardware and peripherals is a much greener use for them and the environment than recycling them. And considering the amount of raw resources and energy required to assemble all the individual elements and construct the computer, it makes greener sense to use each computer as completely and fully as it possibly can be. Not only will the earth be grateful for your greener attitudes, but it makes sound business sense as well.

For example, we are all paying for the power which drives our computers and peripherals. And while it may not be practical to power down a firm’s mainframes, simply turning off power to desktops, laptops, printers and all other peripherals, instead of leaving them powered up and in standby mode, is a simple task that not only will save money, but require less energy as well. See, going green can be a win-win all around.

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