June 6, 2012

Choosing a Personal Laser Printer

Fuji Xerox colour laser printer C1110B
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It used to be that laser printers were outside of anyone’s budget that just wanted a printer for home use, which left ink jet printers which were cheap, but had expensive ink that always seemed to be out. When it comes to ink jet, manufacturers are selling ink, not printers.

But now laser printers are getting cheaper and cheaper and with toner cartridges printing thousands of pages before needed to be replaced, you can be paying just a cent or two per page printed. As you’re looking for a new laser printer, here are some features you’ll want to consider in your laser printer:

Cost of Toner Cartridge

Before you commit to a printer, check out how much it is to replace the toner cartridge. Estimate cost per page and realize that when it says it prints “3,000 pages,” that’s at optimal ink usage, so you’ll likely only print between 2,000 and 2,500 pages with it. Be sure to shop around and look for online sites that may sell the cartridges cheaper than brick and mortar stores. The printer should warn you when you’re nearing the end of your toner cartridge giving you time to order and receive the cartridge before you run out.

Wired, Networked, or Wireless

One thing you’ll need to consider is whether you need to be able to network your printer. If you only have one computer and the printer will sit next to the computer, you will probably want a wired printer. You’ll save money by not getting a feature you don’t need. If you have a home network with multiple computers, you’ll want a networked printer that connects to your router. Wireless basically works the same way but only needs to be within range of the router instead of being hooked to it with a cable.


The last thing you’ll want to consider is whether you want to print double sided. Duplex printers can print on one side, pull the paper back in and then print on the other side. This saves on paper, which can save you money if you print often.

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